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CarAlert Animation

Step into the future of automotive security with our electrifying animation of CYMOTIVE's Car Alert. Discover the art of seamless protection in a world where technology ensures every journey is safe. Bold visuals and dynamic storytelling drive home the power of innovation—feel the pulse of advanced cybersecurity at its finest.

laptop by the car.jpg

Plan & updates

The storyboard is under revisions.



Storyboard  in progress 

First Draft

Final Draft

Post Production


Typewriter for Muza Dark edit.jpg

It all starts with a script

June 13th: The CarAlert script looks great!

Visual Style

exploring our visual direction and inspiration

asset identification.jpg

Visual Style exploration

Visual Reference

Intro: car in garage
the car is hitting the road
transparent car with components
list of assets
9 car blueprints
outlined cg car
outlined cg car 2
inside vibe
screen style over car
laptop by the car
realistic textures
cinematic background
CG overlay and a software screen
CGI overlay part of the car
hint of inner components
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