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For all your visual needs

Scientific Animations

When your methods are visualized it's much easier to grasp the science behind them.
A simple animation can save you valuable time in a presentation or a conference and help your ideas be seen in a better light.
Let us explain your setup to new lab mates, conference listeners, and grant reviewers so that no one is left wondering.

Interviews and Talking Heads

Filming interviews is a very effective way to promote your ideas.

We have all the skills and equipment necessary to film you at your office or even in your laboratory.

Presenter Immersion

Video is taking over and our attention spans are getting shorter. I would like to congratulate you for reading thus far, but I wouldn't expect others to read as much when it comes to complicated research concepts .That's why we would like to invite you to tell your  story in a captivating visual experience- the kind that borrows your attention for only a short amount of time and uses every second to excite and inspire the viewer.

Our Services: Services

Would you like to see the results?

Our studio has vast experience with different fields of science.

If you have a complicated story to tell, we have the abilty to make it simple to understand.

You find that hard to believe?
Check our previous projects!

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What can we do for you?

A quick video meeting or a phone call is the best way for us to get the information we need to give you a tailored service pack and a fair pricing estimate.
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