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Origami Structures: Unfolding the Future of  Engineering

Join us on a captivating journey through the cutting-edge research of Professor Glaucio H. Paulino and his team at Princeton University, as we unfold the potential of smart engineered structures in various applications through an immersive 3D animation.

Can we inspire an entire hall?

The answer is "yes".

And we know just the way to do it.

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With spectacular 3D animation, you have their attention

But that's not what leaves an impact.

People may come for the visuals, but they stay for the story!

So let's bind your research in to a coherent story

A well-crafted storyline can help convey the mission and motivation behind the research group's work, making it more appealing to potential students and collaborators.

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Project's Objectives
  • Create a captivating and unique video that showcases the scientific research being done in the lab.

  • Encourage viewers, particularly students and Princeton hall passers-by, to take an interest in the lab's research and learn more about it.

  • Provide a clear and compelling story about the lab's gradual development of smart materials and structures, their properties, and their applications.

  • Show the potential of smart materials in various fields, such as structure engineering, space exploration and medical devices.

  • Demonstrate the mission, development, and motivation of the research group over time and show their vision for the future

  • Increase interest in the course on origami taught by Professor Paulino and encourage excellent students to join the research group. 

Abstract Shape
Paper Abstract
How can we achieve all of this?

My approach to this project is to create a video that takes the viewer on a tour of a spectacular museum where the exhibits are the different designs of the research group. The exhibits will include beautiful covers of published journals, actual videos and animations from the group's website, as well as 3D statues that demonstrate the unique functionality of the group's designs. All of these exhibits will be presented with a modern aesthetic with hints of futuristic material capabilities.

Throughout the video, QR codes will be presented to allow viewers to easily get to dedicated pages that will guide them in further research of their topic of interest.

To achieve this, the video will feature top-of-the-line 3D art and animation with tasteful CGI, and visual effects. Careful script writing will ensure that the storyline is coherent, demonstrating the development of the research and its evolution over time, as well as its future possibilities.

In terms of technical capabilities, the final result will be similar in complexity to the studio's latest project with Weizmann Institute of Science. Please see the link below for an example of the expected level of quality.

expected level of production:

Give viewers a chance to explore deeper

Throughout the video,

QR codes will be presented to allow viewers to easily get to dedicated pages that will guide them in further research of their topic of interest.

(Try scanning this with your phone and see for yourself!)

Plan & Timeline



First Draft

Final Draft

The project is expected to conclude before July, but meeting the deadline depends on the client's cooperation during the approval process. The script writing is the most time-consuming task, but other parts of pre-production can be done simultaneously. Creating the storyboard can take up to 10 days, while the first draft can take 15-25 days. The final product then usually takes around 3 additional weeks, but depending on the scope of revisions it may take longer.

Throughout the project, the client will receive regular updates via email as well as a constantly up-to-date dedicated project page on the studio's website.

The client's input is highly valued at every stage of the project, and they will have the final say on all creative decisions. The studio will only move on to the next stage of the project upon receiving the client's approval for the previous stage.

Visual Reference

Origami museum with exhibits
Origami museum
origami exhibits
Museum 4
Museum 1
Museum 3
Museum 2

These images were generated with A.I to help us get a sense of what the visual direction of the 3D animation could look like. These images are actually very useful to us, as they capture the essence of the desired esthetics:

The gentle balance of lighting and composition that will capture the viewer's imagination, the right amount of detail, with the perfect ratio of negative space.

Paper Craft
Video Inspiration

I came across some remarkable 3D origami animations that serve as excellent sources of inspiration (attached here). Although character and animal animations are not within the scope of this project, the level of creativity displayed in these animations can be achieved using the advanced visual effects planned for this project.

What's included in the service?

This is the premium package that uses all means to tell the story in the most spectacular manner. This is a white-gloves service that takes you to your desired outcome with minimal friction and the least effort on your part.

Script Writing

With our scientific background we'll find the best angle for your scientific story​

3D animation

Visualize your story like it was never seen before.


With all bells and whistles, a presenter will explain your science and will interact with it using advanced VFX

Here's what other clients have to say:

Price and Contract

I am excited about the prospect of working on this project and look forward to discussing it further with you!

The agreement below will specify compensation and all terms of service.

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