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Quantum Source 1st Animation

Photonics is the best approach for building a scalable quantum computer, but to bring people on board with this vision, we must first show them what
Fusion Based Quantum Computing is all about!

Latest Version

The Youtube video below and the attached file are the latest version as of:

May 17th 2023

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High resolution images

For Print and digital marketing

Project Updates




First Draft


Final Draft


Plan & updates

Sound design is here!

and it is available to you with all the additional perks:

  • Long and Short versions of the video (at the download button above)

  • Subtitles (Heb+En)

  • Still images for print and digital

  • A couple of bonus slides for power point

What's Next:


Moving on to the Second animation

Visual language

If we want the general public to understand what's going on, we must first find a clear visual representation to each of the key elements in our scientific story.

New Introduction Scene

schematic addons in the office
schematic addons by Lara Avni
schematic addons by Lara Avni2
system layout scribble_edited
Resonators scribble
Qubit scribble
rack schenatic sketch Adobe Scan Apr 22, 2023_page-0001
pp slide scribble

To illustrate that the concept of a universal quantum computer is still in the 'blue prints' stage, the introduction takes place in a modern office, decorated with some of the key concepts of quantum source's approach.

Early Renders

 Script & Storyboard

Once we have a clear script, we can begin the production of the animation. We will then create a first draft of the animation for your review shortly after.

Entanglement & Clusters

It seems that showing connected resource states running through waveguides is actually more confusing for the viewers. So it's probably best to show single photons in the wave guides, and explain the entanglement in a different layer of the animation.


The stitching of resource states together is the key to upscaling the system. which is why it should be represented in a mesmerizing way that will capture the viewers' attention. 

Pilot Project:
The Quantum Source Audio-book

Chapter 1 is here to give listeners an apatite for quantum knowledge.  Produced with the help of our A.I friends.

Chapter 2  will demonstrate what it feels like to listen to more advanced details about fusion-based quantum computing.

Quantum Horizons chapter 1 - a Million Qubit Marvel compressedQuantum Source
00:00 / 06:39
Quantum Horizons Chpter 2 - Introduction to FusionQuantum Source
00:00 / 06:47
About the design

The best way to help people understand what's going on is by showing the simplest case example. 
In this case, this means showing the simplest fusion graph and the general layout of the computing architecture.

Fig 1 Fusion.jpg

As seen by the color blind

colors play a significant roll in our animation, which is why we need to make sure that everybody can distinguish between the colors we choose.

Visual Reference

Table with blueprints
computer room V1
computer in room 3
computer room V2
Circuits and chips
dense details
super conducting circuits
Ion traps

These images might look extremely strange and irrelevant, as they don't particularly resemble any specific part of our story, but they are actually very useful to us, as they capture the essence of the desired esthetics. The gentle balance of lighting and composition that will capture the viewer's imagination. The right amount of detail, with the perfect ratio of negative space.

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