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Quantum Source

Quantum Source is a quantum computing company that leads the industry with a unique approach to photonics.

Their explainer video is intended for an audience with some advanced background in quantum computing.

Explaining Quantum
to Experts

This animation was commissioned by Quantum Source to present the core idea of their innovative approach in great detail. 

Taking the Story
Step by Step

When presenting to potential investors, we must choose the core ideas of our story, and present them without the distractions.

The Importance of
Visual Metaphors

It's always best to affirm the viewer's understanding by presenting an analogy that carries the main concept. In this case, using Rubidium atoms as the needles in a fabric of intertwined photons.

Derived Marketing Material

The Client Experience

we believe that a smooth and pleasant client experience is paramount. It's a win-win when our work process is clear and easy so that our clients can concentrate on what they do best- focus on their job and propel their company forward.
Your success is our success.

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