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Printed Precision: A Visual Journey

Let's show them what a real printer can do.

Print in parts_edited.jpg

Work in Progress

The model of the printer contains about 10,000 separate meshes of different printer components. The process of setting up materials, rigs and animations is taking a bit longer than expected. 

The General plan and next steps are specified in the link below:

Rigging the Machine

In this project we are going to bring the printer to life in a way that hasn't been seen before. In order to do that, some meticulous rigging is required.

Opening Shot CGI

Test shoots are consistently successful.

The UI design needs more inspiration and a lot more work.

Early Renders

(Click on the videos to play)



First Draft

Final Draft



Plan & updates

The success of our project hinges on crafting a detailed storyboard that lays the foundation for our visual narrative, highlighting the precision and innovation of the 3D printer. Together with you, Evyatar, we'll embark on designing a storyboard that captures the essence of the technology's capabilities before we delve into the narration script. This ensures our visuals lead the way, setting a solid base for the script to complement them.

Once we've solidified this visual groundwork, we'll proceed to develop the narration script, closely following the approved storyboard to ensure a cohesive narrative and visual synergy. Our journey from storyboard approval to the initial animation draft will be marked by collaboration and refinement, aiming for the second draft to be a near-final version of our project.

Subsequent revisions will focus on detail and perfection, culminating in a final piece that effectively showcases the groundbreaking 3D printing technology.

By prioritizing visual storytelling from the start, we're setting the stage for a compelling narrative that enhances the viewer's understanding and appreciation of the innovation at hand.



Evyatar, your insights and direction will be invaluable as we navigate this creative process together, ensuring the end product not only meets but exceeds expectations.

Visual Reference

disfigured people by the printer
disfigured people by the laptop
J850 from the site
coworkers zoom out a little
coworkers zoom out
coworkers by printer

These images might look extremely strange and irrelevant, as they don't particularly resemble any specific part of our story, but they are actually very useful to us, as they capture the essence of the desired esthetics. The gentle balance of lighting and composition that will capture the viewer's imagination. The right amount of detail, with the perfect ratio of negative space.

Side Note

Here's the brilliant lecture I told you about, it transformed the way I think about creative endeavors:

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