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Let's Make Quantum Photonics
Crystal Clear

Presentation Prep

Crafting clear and informative slides to visually articulate your distinctive approach to photonic quantum computing, ensuring a respectful and professional presentation within the industry.

Shadow catcher test 4 RESIZED.jpg

Your Final Animations

Thank you for your cooperation throughout the project!
It's been a pleasure.

Final Delivery
List of your requested revisions:
  •  Factory scene- Make the outside scene more photo-realistic, with realistic trees, ground and grass. Building walls and structures should feel realistic as well. 
  • add ‘87’ on Rubidium titles at 00:56 
  •  Enlarge the laser rays by a factor of 3, add a gradient to the lasers for enhanced realism.
  •  'SWAP' and 'CZ' titles should be designed as holograms (callouts) and placed to the right of the resonator
  •  We should swap needle and sewing machine shots to make the scene clearer
  •  The top line in the final diagram should be in logo turquoise color  
Computer shadow catcher2 small_edited_edited.jpg

What's Next?

Please download the revised versions of the first animation with your new branding and current computer design!

Take a good listen to the sound design, if you need any revisions they will be performed within 24 hours.

If there's a shot from the animation that you need as a still image for your presentation, let me know.

What you will receive by Sunday:
  • Subtitles (English + Hebrew)

  • A final version with proper logo animation

  • an attractive thumbnail

  • Still images

  • All revisions of the sound design

Mid process renders
Project's Broad Timeline

The next stage is a status update on October 10th, which will help us make sure we're on the right track towards the final draft.


 delivered 25.05.23  

approved 13.06.23


First: 06.07.23

Final: 30.08.23



Final Draft


First Draft


Pilot Project:
The Quantum Source Podcast

Chapter 1 is here to give listeners an apatite for quantum knowledge.  Produced with the help of our A.I friends.

Chapter 2  will demonstrate what it feels like to listen to more advanced details about fusion-based quantum computing.

Quantum Horizons chapter 1 - a Million Qubit Marvel compressedQuantum Source
00:00 / 06:39
Quantum Horizons Chpter 2 - Introduction to FusionQuantum Source
00:00 / 06:47
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