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Muza Productions

Unlock the Power of Visual Storytelling with Engaging 3D Animation

We help your company convey its message with impact and clarity by simplifying complex scientific concepts with stunning visuals and a clear, concise script.

Do you struggle to communicate the brilliance of your product?

Do some investors find your ideas difficult to understand?

Don't risk missing out on investment opportunities!

You shouldn't have to struggle to secure funding for your projects!

We Can Help you!

Elevate Your Pitch: Stand out with compelling visuals

Simplify Complex Concepts: Make technology easy to understand.

Secure More Funding: Clear animations reduce investor skepticism.

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Take your presentation to the next level with

an unforgettable animation!

Benefits of a scientific animation:

Increased Understanding:

By simplifying complex ideas through visual representation, potential investors are more likely to grasp the full scope of the scientific or technological idea being presented.


Enhanced Memorability:

Animations are more engaging and memorable than traditional presentations, helping potential investors to retain the information being presented for longer.


Increased Engagement:

Scientific animations that are both accurate and visually stunning will capture the attention of the audience and keep them engaged throughout the presentation.


Improved Presentation Quality:

Having a well-designed and scientifically accurate animation elevates the overall quality of the presentation and can help convey a sense of professionalism and expertise.


Simplified Communication:

With the assistance of an expert in scientific communication, complex ideas can be simplified and presented in a way that is both accessible and easy to understand for potential investors.


Better Investor Decision-Making:

By providing a clear and concise understanding of the scientific or technological idea, potential investors will be better equipped to make informed decisions about the viability of the company or startup.


Competitive Advantage:

By having a scientifically accurate and visually stunning animation, your company can stand out from the competition and showcase their ideas in a unique and memorable way

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Our Clients:

Princeton University

School of engineering

Ben-Gurion University

of the Negev

Weizmann Institute

of Science

What our Clients Say:
"The process was very efficient, Muza Productions is an excellent house for creating complex animations and explaining complex problems to the wide audience" 

Oded Melamed - CEO, Quantum Source

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We Offer The Ultimate Package:

  • Script writing

  • 3D Modeling 

  • Animation

  • Narration

  • Sound design

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With the Added Bonuses:

  • Versions:  Long and short versions, so that you'll be prepared for any situation

  • Formats:  Horizontal + Vertical formats to suit different media platforms

  • Still images:  Magnificent Images based on the 3D scenes from the animation. Can be used for web design, brochures and posts for social media.

And you'll have our most powerful guarantee

we will do as many revisions as you need until we get the perfect animation for your needs.

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For an Attractive Price:

All of that goodness for only 7,400 $ 

17% VAT applies for companies based in Israel

Please Note: Availability is Limited!

In order to guarantee our clients the best possible service,
we're only taking  three projects per quarter. 

Studio's up to date availability: 

October - December 


Sold Out.

January - March


Sold Out

April - June


1 Slot Left

July - September


2 Slots Left

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+972 54-718-6363

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